The are two key reasons we set up our office in Dubai. The first reason is to introduce our gemstones to the international market and to deal directly with our customers, bypassing the typical layers of brokers who invariably inflate the price. Our objective is to provide direct cost to our customers for natural untreated gemstones. The second reason is that Afghanistan’s unstable security and political situation make it next to impossible for international buyers to travel to Afghanistan, in which case we make it easy to purchase theses gemstones in Dubai providing our customers with practical access from a high class world famous location. We also make deliveries through Brinks or G4S secured delivery service.

Afghanistan Gemstones has gained a reputation as a leading distributer of Afghanistan Gemstones in Dubai providing higher value than any other place in the world. Our aim is to facilitate customer satisfaction by supplying the highest quality gemstones at the best possible prices for jewels of comparable quality anywhere. By furnishing this reliable service we provide premium profit potential to our customers which helps us to achieve our objective of earning your repeat business. We clearly understand that in order to be in business we must first make it beneficial to the people we do business with.