Afghan Gemstones’ vision is to partner with our customers in providing the highest quality Gemstones at the most competitive prices in the world. Our goal is to facilitate unbeatable profit potential for our customers while securing a fast-growing market for our Company, driven by an efficient supply chain for our clientele.


Our mission is to exceed customer expectations and become a highly trusted supplying partner for rough Gemstones. Our motivation is to raise the standard of living for the Afghan people involved, while at the same time providing a major benefit to those whom we deal with on their behalf. We are inspired by this cause for the mutual benefit of our business partners, our associates, our customers and their families.

Afghan Gemstones is licensed in Dubai under the laws of the United Arab Emirates by the registered trade name of HFH General Trading LLC, to export gemstones to virtually any part of the world either by Brinks or G4S secured delivery service.

The founder of Afghan Gemstones has family who own an Emerald mine in the Panjshir Valley and trade primarily in Panjshir Emeralds but we also deal extensively in Ruby, Spinel, Tourmaline, Aquamarine and other Precious Gemstones.

The topography of the region where Afghan Gemstones’ mine is located is dominated by the towering Hindu Kush mountain range which transition to the western end of the Majestic Himalayas, stretching eastward across northern Pakistan and into India. The Hindu Kush range has one of the most rugged terrains in the world with towering mountains that reach up to 19,500 feet separated by narrow steep river valleys of which Panjshir province is home.

Due east of Panjshir province in the Nuristan region of Afghanistan it has been widely known for centuries the area is rich in Blue, Green and Pink Tourmaline embedded into the Pegmatites of the terrain for millions of years. There are also considerable amounts of Kunzite and smaller deposits of Aquamarine, in addition to accumulations of top-grade ruby mined in what is known as the Sorobi region of Afghanistan between Kabul and Jalalabad. Lesser amounts of Garnet, Amethyst and Morganite have also been located. In a land so deeply steeped in ancient history for thousands of years it’s no surprise Afghanistan is also deeply enriched with some of the most valuable gemstones on the planet.

Afghan Gemstones has gained a reputation as being the leading distributer of rough gemstones in Dubai providing higher value than any other supplier in the regions or place in the world. Our aim is to facilitate customer satisfaction by supplying the highest quality gemstones at the best possible prices for jewels of comparable quality anywhere.

Our gemstones come primarily from the mines of Afghanistan and in some instances from other parts of the world as well. The original source location of our gemstones are always displayed on the product pages itemizing relative details.

By furnishing reliable service at the best prices possible we provide premium profit potential to our customers which helps us to achieve our objective of earning your repeat business.

The are three key reasons we initially set up our head office in Dubai.

1.)The first reason is to introduce our gemstones to the international market and to deal directly with our customers, bypassing the typical layers of brokers who invariably inflate the prices.

2.) Our objective is to provide our customers with natural untreated gemstones at direct cost, which is why we avoid vendors who want us to sell their stones at marked-up values. We are able to provide better pricing for our customers by obtaining rough gemstones directly from the source mines and distributing them from Dubai ourselves.

3.) The third reason is because Afghanistan’s unstable security and political situation make it next to impossible for International buyers to travel to Afghanistan, in which case we make it easy to purchase these gemstones in Dubai, providing our customers with practical access from a high class world famous location. (We also make deliveries through Brinks or G4S secured delivery service.)

While this certainly appeals to a broad segment of our current client base, at the same time we have also forged strong business relationships in Thailand where passionate vibrant Local and International markets coexist. This has lead to a viable growth prospect for our company on which premise Afghan Gemstones will soon be opening it’s first branch office in Bangkok.

There is still hope that Afghanistan will one day be developed into one of the most bounteous precious gem centers in the world, as it certainly has the natural resources to become one. In the mean time, in spite of the challenges, we do our part to make these magnificent jewels available to our customers for their own benefit and at the best possible prices.

This has a ripple effect which also benefits the Afghan people who are successfully mining these precious treasures through their resilient hard work and dedication required to bring them to market. This fosters the well deserved growth and development of their own families and thereby the growth and development of Afghan society as well.

Simply put, the intention of Afghan Gemstones is that our business must be ethically beneficial and fair to everybody involved which we take very seriously. This is why our prices are always tailored to customer’s needs with respect to the carat weight required, as well as size, color and quality of individual stones or parcels.

Because the vast majority of our gemstones come directly from the mines without redundant layers of middle-man handling fees, the cost of our gemstones can rarely if ever be beat for product of the same grade and quality.

We clearly understand that in order to be in business we must first make it beneficial and convenient for the people who we do business with and it must be fair to everyone involved.